XA-H!RE - find right tech talent for your business.

We offer simple and innovative recruitment service that uses latest AI technology to find the right candidates perfectly fit for your business needs.


Everyone looks for the best talent, so why are you still using old methods to find and hire people?

Here, at ha-hire we use our experience and latest AI tech to match people with jobs based on skills, interests and personality. This means you get the best people for the job with much higher chances to retain them.

Why work with XA-H!RE?

Working with us is a pleasure

xa-h!re helps to make your recruitment process affordable and efficient.

With us you get personal hiring assistant who will learn about your business and pick the best recruitment tools from our arsenal.

Assistant's experience and our algorithms will find top tech and IT professionals who are a perfect match for your company.
Imagine having a power of best recruitment team on your side, but significantly cheaper.

Hire The Smart Way

We use AI-technology and work hard to help you be successful. With us, you will have more time to focus on the actual value your business produces, instead of hiring and recruitment.

Start working on people retention early

Matchmaking based on things that matter
Imagine being able to quickly gauge candidates' personalities and skills relying on AI technology we use. Don't waste your time to only learn that candidate personality and skills does not match your expectations
Continuously evolving hiring strategies
Our specialists will work with you to iteratively revise and adapt your hiring campaigns. Improve your efficiency and reduce your costs. We are here to find a solution that’s tailored for you. When possible - we'd meet with the team that is looking for a specialist and align with them on the strategy.
Hire only verified talent
ha-hire helps you to funnel through thousands of resumes, making sure only the top 1% tailored for you reaches your desk. We are constantly improving our internal screening processes and background checks to ensure best possible outcomes.

Your company is either growing or doomed

Growth-focused companies attract best people. Conversely, best talent wants to work with other best talent. This creates a cycle in which the best people help to grow your business in an organic way, where new talent is attracted to the talent that is already in.

Become a company that grows

Our team is there to help managing your company growth.

Unlike many other hiring companies we want to help you attract people who will be inspired by the team they'll be joining. We are keen to get to know you better, talk with you, understand what you're working on and how you're looking to achieve it.

Sparkling interest and managing expectations is a cornerstone of successful recruitment process and we strive to get it right.
The success formula is very simple:
Work with us to understand your team's DNA
We'll find people matching your team profile and get them interested
Streamline recruitment and increase chances of successful hiring by allowing us to target and screen specialists more precisely
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